10 things to do when your whatsapp is not working

whatsapp not working

10 things to do when your whatsapp is not working

Whatsapp is an amazing free application for the first year and later on it charges little amount for the subscription. It is very rare that whatsapp get problem but there may be some problem you face when Whatsapp is not working or you cannot send or receive messages on whatsapp. Here I am going to share with you 10 things to check when your whatsapp is not working properly.

whatsapp not working

List of thing to do when your whatsapp is not working properly

  1. The most common reason that your whatsapp is not working is that your mobile is not properly connected to the internet, to ensure that check the internet connection data plan or Wi-Fi.
  2. If you have done the above things and still you cannot send or receive messages on whatsapp, then you need to reboot your phone, turn of your mobile phone, wait for 30 second and then again switch on your mobile.

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If you cannot send messages to a particular mobile no from your whatsapp

  1. One of the main reason that you cannot send whatsapp messages, images, or video to a particular no is that you have not done the verification process properly. So do the verification of your whatsapp first. If you don’t know how to verify your whatapp click the link below.

          Verification for android phone

          Verification for window phone

          Verification for iPhone

  1. The other reason may be that the contact list on which you are sending whatsapp messages is blocked in your contact no that is why you are unable to send whatsapp messages to that particular person. You can verify this by sending whatsapp messages to other contact.
  2. You have recently switched sim-card on that phone, whatsapp only work for one number per device.
  3. One other possible reason may be that the mobile number on which you want to send whatsapp messages is not entered properly, so cross check that mobile no.

Whatsapp is working slowly or it is not open properly

  1. Delete messages: When there are lots of messages stored in your whatsapp then the whatsapp take some time to open, you have to delete some of your chats, images or videos which is not important to you.
  2. Clear Cache: Go to application manager, clear the cache and the RAM. It is advisable that you should turn off your mobile and switch on your mobile once a week.
  3. RAM ISSUE: RAM could be the factor if your Whatsapp is not working. Check the RAM on your device, you might be running many apps that are consuming space of your RAM. Try to kill unnecessary apps or uninstall heavy apps.
  1. Whatsapp stop working when you don’t update your whatsapp for some time. So you should be looking for whatsapp update, and if whatsapp update is available then you should update you whatsapp.

Still facing issue with WhatsApp or you have any solution then, leave us a message below we will be happy to help you in evey possible way.






  1. Thanks for these 10 steps my phone was full of memory and whatsapp had stopped accepting new messages, I tried out step number 7 and now whatsapp is working fine for me.

  2. I did that but still it is not working I then I reinstall but facing same problem again.
    my whatsapp account is not working properly and displaying my last seen though I hide it. I cant understand how to overcome this problem please suggest some ways..

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