9 Onion Price rise meme & trolls

onion price rice meme trolls

These days onion prices are getting higher and higher day by day. If same would continue for next few months then Onion prices might become equal to Gold prices. Ironically  we are living where prices of Onions are higher versus dollar. I bet these 10 Onion Price rise memes would give you tears while laughing hard.  Enjoy them and share it among our friends because laughter is best medicine and we are sure that these 10 Onion Price Hike memes/trolls would make you laugh.

1) Bechara Mein ( Onion price rise troll )

Wallet V/S Pyaaz


2) Taking Loan to Start Onion Business

Onion Players
Going To Start an Onion Farm


3) Increasing Demand of Jain Girls

Significant reason for increasing demand of Jain Girls
Why Jain Girls are better than anyone else

4) Next Election mei Onion Free Denge

Free Onions in Delhi
Onion Free Karunga

5)  jab ghar me pada ho KAANDA tab kaahe ka WANDA

6) Aaaj Mei Bhi RO Padi

Onion Cries

7) Pappu Ka Popat

Rahul Gandhi Loan Yojana


8) Onion is also trending in Google

Onion featured in Google

9) Pyaaz Hai To Sab Hai

Pyaaz Hai to Sab Hai

9) Pyar Pyaaz Ka 


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