9 Surprising Birthday Ideas

9 surprising birthday ideas

9 Surprising Birthday Ideas and Birthday wishes:

Birthday is an especial day in everyone’s life. Everybody want that lots of people should wishes him/her on this day. People get bored celebrating same kind of birthday every year. We often want to surprise our dear one on his/her birthday. He we are sharing 9 surprising birthday ideas that you can do on your loves one birthday. You can also suggest us some more funny and creative birthday ideas. This can bring joy and happiness in your friends and family member life.

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  1. Round the clock gift

Every People loves getting gifts, so why not keep that feeling going on all throughout the day. You can arrange a birthday present for every hour or every few hours. This will surprise the guy most because each time he/she thought that this is the last gift from you, he/she again get one more gift.

round the clock birthday gift ideas

  1. Balloon avalanche

No other gift or decoration says birthday like balloons to kids! You can surprise your kids with an avalanche of balloons as they open the door. This can when the birthday person is sleeping or outside the home. All the kids like this type of surprising birthday wish.

Balloon avalanche birthday surprise

  1. Birthday Lunch:You can go to his/her work and then go with him/her for a birthday lunch together near by the restaurant. This one is really funny if the person has no idea that you can make it happen.

lunch birthday surprise

  1. Maid Service (for wife):If you are a Husband then you can bought a MAID SERVICE for her on her birthday. She will be surprised to see that!  Even if it was just for one day, but having someone else working for you is an awesome birthday surprise. You can also arrange this type of birthday surprise for your mom.
  2. maid for birthdayada
  1. Reserve Surprise Party at Restaurant:

You can ask your friends/wife/husband or any other family member to go for a dinner to a restaurant and asked other friend or family member to be present there. It is one of the best surprise birthday bash that anyone can give. You can also arrange some other family member or friend to come after some time. The birthday person will be surprised and try to figure out how it is managed.

surprise birthday dinner with friends

  1. Go out somewhere and come on the Birthday:

You can just told him/her that you will be out for work or something else, so you will not be able to join him/her on her birthday. Now you can come on the birthday and go to him/her place with some more friends with cake. He/she will surely love this surprise birthday ideas and enjoy it.

surprise birthday gift

  1. Rap as Much Gift as His/Her Age:

Another surprise birthday idea is that you can wrap as much gifts for his birthday as his/her age. This is also one of the best surprising birthday gift ideas.

surprise birthday ideas

  1. Send gift through E commerce website:

You can send surprise birthday gift to your friend and family member through e-commerce website. You can book the gift for him/her without telling him/her that you are sending this gift to him/her. I am sure that the birthday person will like and keep guessing about the gift that who send this gift to him/her. It is one of the easiest and best surprising birthday ideas.

 birthday gift from flip cart

  1. Lots of Birthday Cards/Email:

This is the best birthday surprise that someone can give to a birthday person. You can contact to the friends and family member of birthday person and asked them to send Birthday Card/Birthday Email to him/her. It is really surprising for a birthday person to get such a large no of birthday cards or email wishes.

birthday card and email surprise






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