BJP Congress Jokes

BJP congress jokes

BJP Congress Jokes: check out some funny BJP and Congress jokes

BJP congress jokes

As opposition, BJP blocked Parliament over FDI, BlackMoney. Now Congress as opposition blocking Parliament on same issues. BJP is Congress.

Congress supremo (Pappu) remains always in Spain. BJP supremo (Gappu) remains always in Plane. Both keeps India in Pain. BJP is Congress.

Congress has a guy Bjp has a गाय Otherwise BJP is Congress

Congress = Emergency Indira BJP = Hitler Modi Congress = 1984 BJP = 2002 Con = 2G, Coal, CWG BJP = coffin, LalitGate, Chikki

BJP is never tired of calling Congress corrupt, but now that they have all the power, how many congress leaders you see behind bars?

BJP is Corrupt Cong is Corrupt BJP n Cong are hand in hands lootng the nation Both unite against Janta Both lootng Janta

BJP = congress + cow – dal





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