BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi Video hitting Police Horse named Shaktiman

BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi Video hitting Police Horse named Shaktiman

BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi arrested after 3 days for assaulting Police Horse named Shaktiman

BJP MLA Video of Hitting police horse Shaktiman

Did the MLA actually hit the Horse? Well the video has gone viral showcasing the BJP MLA holding stick in his hand, but none of the video actually has the footage which shows Ganesh Joshi had hit Shaktiman on his left leg. The BJP lawmaker is accused of a brutal attack on the Himachal Pradesh Police horse Shaktiman along with other protesters from BJP. The horse with the policemen was deployed to control the protest against Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat.

What can be seen from the video is Ganesh Joshi snatched a baton from one of the cops, and hit the ground repeatedly to scare the horse to move back. A little later, another BJP protestor caught shaktiman’s whip, the horse lost his balance and collapsed with his rear leg stuck in a railing. This was the reason for his broken leg but Uttrakhand Police had police booked Ganesh Joshi and his supporters for animal cruelty maiming.

Ganesh Joshi – “I never touched the horse. I hit the road with a baton to push the horse back as another horse ran over our activist who is now in ICU. I am an animal lover. I have a street dog at home. I went to see Shaktimaan but police did not allow me. I want to foot the treatment cost. I want to adopt the horse,”

Ganesh Joshi has alleged that he is being picked out by the state’s ruling Congress. He had confronted the criticism and visited the horse on Thursday who is recovering from multiple fractures. Ganesh Joshi also said: “I came here out of humanity…I didn’t hit the horse but an innocent animal has suffered.” Shakitiman’s left hind leg is operated and doctors have confirmed that he would be fine within few weeks. That’s good news for the horse.




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