Breaking News by Indian Media that will break you away

Breaking News of Indian Media : The standard of Indian Media is getting low day by day. They have to show news 24*7 that we understand but they really showing rubbish news most of time as breaking news. You can see that the news of Salman Khan verdict comes as breaking news in India and all the news channels will flash this news whole day, this means that nothing in India is happening bigger than Salman Khan verdict on that day. Recently after Nepal earthquake, it has been trending in social networking site “go back Indian media” because the media is not helping them instead doing Indian government publicity. Here we are showing some funny whatsapp messages and images on breaking news of Indian media and we would update this continuously and we require your feedback.

Breaking News by Indian Media

[box]Breaking News : Aishwarya ko Betei hui hai…….. Amithabh, Abhishekh or Jaya ne kiya khushi ka izhar.[/box]

[box] Breaking News : “Salman Khan ne court room main pani manga”

indian media funny breaking news



What India media has been flashing the whole day on Salman Khan hit and run verdict. 

funny breaking news by indian media



breaking news funny



funny breaking news



boycott indian media



salman modi satire



Some other Breaking News by Indian Media

breaking news indian media

Funny breaking news by Indian media

Breaking News of Indian Media whatsapp messages

Funny breaking news


Latest funny breaking news

silly breaking news



ammitabh bachan cald actress by news channel


shocked gif




fail breaking news




funny breaking news

facepalm gif



breaking news lol




breaking news funny

breaking news troll




funny news




breaking news

strange south indian acting gif





latest funny news

rofl gif








news headlines india

wtf gif


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