Delhi government Odd and Even number troll

These days every citizen of Delhi thinking about the Odd Even formulae of Delhi Government to control enormous amount of  pollution in the national capital, Delhi. The pollution of Delhi has increase a lot in recent year. To find the solution of this, the government has announced that private vehicles bearing odd and even numbers will be allowed to ply only on alternate days. Cars having even number plate will play on even date that is 2, 4, 6 date while odd number cars will play on odd date. Only emergency vehicles such as PCR vans, fire tenders, and ambulances will be allowed to run on all days. Starting from new year for 15 days trail basis. This decision drew very quick response from the citizens of Delhi and across India. Here we are going to share some latest troll on odd and even number vehicle.

I personally support this decision of Delhi Government because extra ordinary problem requires extra ordinary solution.

Odd and Even number troll

Latest images of odd even number vehicle formulae of Delhi Government

4-odd even troll

source: hindustantimes

9-iodd even troll

source: indian express

58odd even troll

85odd even troll

odd even number vehicle troll 2

odd even number vehicle troll

Latest Video on Delhi Governmet odd even formulae

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