Funny Basketball Meme

funny basketball meme

Basketball meme : Basketball is a sports game which is played between two teams; each team consists of 5 players. The aim is to through the ball into the basket mounted 18inches above the ground on a pole. The team has Centre Forward (Strongest and tallest player), Small Forward (Short and agile players) and Point Forward (Shortest of all players).

A meme is the representation of an idea, style, behaviour, symbol etc. The meme can be through speech, writing or gestures. Meme is a concept with has catchy punches or tag lines, it may include short videos or photographs. Memes can be created for anything or everything. Few examples for basketball are –

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Here are some funny basketball meme

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funny basketball meme

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  • Pass the ball, pass the game
  • Your fat cries when you sweat.
  • You reach high only when you are on your toes.
  • At the basketball court, only rejection and no objection.
  • Deaf end or Defend
  • Grow tall or vacate hall
  • It’s all about how high you go, how big you play
  • Touch me, I’ll spin you
  • Dude, that’s ball not your gal; pass it
  • Ball – leave me alone
  • Kobe doesn’t pass but still he doesn’t fail

Meme can be funny only when they are attached to an image, picture or video which is as expressive as the phrase is. They can be really funny, hilarious and can make one laugh.




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