How to use whatsapp on PC

you-wave emulator for using whatsapp on pc

Since Whatsapp is biggest instant messaging app for with more than 7 billion customers by end of January 2015 is available for smartphone running on Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian operating system. With increasing usage of Whatsapp for commercial as well as personal purpose it becomes necessary to provide a platform for PCs also. However there is no official app for using Whatsapp on pc. To use Whatsapp on pc you need to install an android app emulator. Bluestacks and you-wave android app emulator mostly use by users.

How to Install Whatsapp on PC using you-wave emulator:

Step 1: Download and install you-wave android app emulator from its official website

Step 2: After successfully installing you-wave open it and you will find screen like below:

you-wave emulator for using whatsapp on pc

Step 3: Click on view button at top right corner of screen

Step 4: Click on online apps in view pane:

online apps in youwave

Step 5: Click on Whatsapp and it would automatically install it after few seconds.

Use whatsapp on PC via using Bluestacks:

Step 1: Download bluestacks from its official website

Step 2: Download Whatsapp.apk from its official website and install it in your computer by double clicking on it

Step 3: Open Bluestacks Click on My Apps and Click on Whatsapp

Step 3: Accept terms and conditions and Whatsapp would automatically open it

Step 4: Type your contact number and

Note: While installing Bluestacks would ask you to enable app store:

enabling app store on youwave

After enabling it would ask you for some changes in graphic settings. It might also pop up a message that you need to upgrade your graphic driver for better graphic support and quality. It is completely optional to follow.

The pop-up will be like this:

bluestacks app player

How to register Contact number on Whatsapp in PC:

To register your contact number in Whatsapp you need to follow the simple procedure

Step 1: Type your number

Varify ph no for installing whatsapp on pc

Step 2: Select call me option to verify the number:

sms verification for whatsapp

Step 3: Type the received code in verification panel

After finishing this process you verified your number in Whatsapp

After registering our contact number our next step is to Add Contact in Whatsapp contact list

How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp PC:

To add contacts in Whatsapp PC you need to follow simple steps:

Step 1: Click on contacts

Step 2: Click on new contact

Step 3: Register the necessary and required details and add contact in Whatsapp.

How to set password in Whatsapp PC:

To set password for Whatsapp you need to perform following set of operations:

Since Bluestacks provides and environment to you which enable all android apps to work easily in your computer. It means you can use app locker for it.

Step1: Check whether your bluestacks is working properly or not

Step2: If working properly then download Applocker.apk file in and install it

Step 3: After installing it open it using bluestacks and install it.

Step 4: Select Whatsapp and either set a pattern for it or numeric lock and click on OK.

It will set lock on your Whatsapp conversations and prevent your messages.




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