Indian Ministers caught sleeping in parliament [IMAGES]

minister sleeping during work

These are some very rare insight pics of Indian Parliament where many a times Indian ministers were found sleeping. Here are some images that we are going to share. They sleep because they all think that why we would work when we can sleep and get paid. We celebrate March 15 as ‘World Sleep day’, but for our minister, every day they attend Parliament as March 15 as. Some minister caught napping in parliament including Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. I also wonder, whether they snooze or not.

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please I am meditating…. dont’t call “sleeping”

 indian politicians sleeping

Not sleeping .. But just in deep thoughts

ministers sleeping in parliament

Was watching 300 last night ..

ministers sleeping

No .. I am just looking for the penny I droped

minister sleeping in parliament

Babu Mushaay .. I hate working rey !

minister sleeping during work


I join politics only to sleep !

sleeping politics


kaha gaye vo din !  hey hey hey heeeey..

sheela dikshit sleeping


 Sleeping with full makeup on



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