Kathappa ne dhinchak pooja ko kyu mara

Kathappa ne dhinchak pooja ko kyu mara

Now the nation wants to know Kathappa ne dhinchak pooja ko kyu mara

Well, Kattapa ne Bahubali ko kyun mara is still an open-ended mystery but what is no longer a mystery is the fact that Kathappa (Careful, not Kattapa) Kathappa ne dhinchak pooja ko kyu mara. Well yes, this has been the talk of the town, now that Dhichak Pooja’s videos are no longer on Youtube, the Dhinchuks have been having a pretty hard time trying to understand how and what led to this absolute disaster?

dhinshak pooja trolls

First off, people who are unaware of who Dhinchak pooja is (or was, considering her internet stint in now over) this may be the last time when you actually would want to know about her, now that she is actually officially out of the game. It should be great fun to remember nostalgically the days when Internet gave power in hands of such people and (like it or not) people actually exploited well enough to have lakhs of followers.

So, Dhinchak Pooja got instant popularity due to one of her song Selfie leli maine aaj? Her other famous songs are Daaru and Swag Wali Topi and Dilon ka shooter hai mera scooter. All the songs mentioned in this post got millions of views on YouTube. She got internet sensation over the night and her subscriber count crossed 80K mark on YouTube very rapidly. She became popular because of her haters. Her haters trolled her too much, and made her famous.

why katappa killed dhinchak pooja

Life was all hunky dory, so is this new entrant Kathappa? For the uninitiated, cringe pop sensation (love her, hate her, but you simply can’t ignore her) Pooja Dhinchak’s 11 (in)famous videos that were uploaded on her Youtube Channel were wiped off from her Official Youtube Channel that boasts of a massive fan following of 183K subscribers. Just as we were beginning to revel in the pride of having our own viral sensation in Dhinchak Pooja, YouTube has taken down her songs. With that another trend has just begun as Kathappa ne dhinchak pooja ko kyu mara.

why did katappa killed dhinchak pooja

Why did actually her videos got deleted – Kathappa ne dhinchak pooja ko kyu mara

According to news reports, someone called ‘Kathappa Singh’ reported her songs following which YouTube removed all her songs. While everyone hurriedly rushed to check if by any faint chance of luck this was just another case of fake news, they most definitely did not find the heavily-viral songs on her verified YouTube account. But as a flickering ray of hope, her latest ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’ which she had released on ‘public demand’ was still there.

Sorry fans, as much as we know you are going to miss watching the ever-cheerful Pooja croon ‘Swag Wali Topi’ and ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’ — you will not find them on YouTube.

The news generated quite a lot of buzz on the Internet, especially on Twitter, just like how her songs have in the past. “Dhinchak Pooja’s videos have been deleted from Youtube because of copyright issues. Only Dhinchak Pooja can steal such shitty music,” wrote one user, “Dhinchak pooja has deleted all her videos maybe she heard them herself first time,” wrote another. And yes, there were the obvious ‘Katappa’ jokes too referring to the complainant’s name Kathappa Singh’. The funny memes with phrase Kathappa ne dhinchak pooja ko kyu mara are on boom.




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