Mahadev Whatsapp status video | Shiv whatsapp status video download

Mahadev Whatsapp status video

Shiv Tandav whatsapp status video download

Mahadev is a Hindu diety “Shiva”. He is one of the principal deities of Hinduism and he is the Supreme Being , known by different names “God of Destruction”, Destroyer of Evil, God of Yoga , Meditation, Arts. In Shaivism tradition, Shiva is entitled as the supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the whole of Universe. He is one of the five equivalent deities in Panchayatana Puja of the Smrata tradition of Hinduism.

According to Shaivism , The highest form of Shiva is formless, boundless, transcendent and static absolute Brahman and the primal soul of the universe. There are many braver and dreadful depictions of Shiva. In terms of benevolent aspects, he is depicted as an omniscient yogi who lives an austere life on Mount Kailash as well as married to Parvati and his two children Ganesha and Kartikeya. Shiva is also known as Adiyogi Shiva , regarded as the patron god of yoga, meditation and arts.

The iconic characteristics of Shiva are the sacred serpent around his neck, The adorning crescent moon, The holy rive Ganga flowing from his hair, The depiction of third eye on his forehead , the trishula as his defensive weapon and his damaru drum.

Inspired by the serene and equally enigmatic Hindu Goddess Shiva , many videos have been created and shared in social media like whatsapp. In today’s era , the young generation is losing touch with our divine culture and most of us are unaware of the qualities and moral culture of our ancestor’s creation. Lord Shiva is a representation of power and fighting for the purpose of good and deluding the evil. It requires staunch moral principles for doing the good. Whatsapp videos shares such religious and productive lessons that today’s generation need for motivation in their regular life and also pay their dedication towards the soul of the universe from their heart which is the Shiva. Shiva’s relevance in mythology is not only commendable but the most strong character who has the supreme power to control the universe by controlling his mind.

The whatsapp videos inspired on Shiva depicts such valiant stories of the brave and the immortal Mahadev who inspires the devotees to stay calm and serene and at the same time, fight for the wrong , defy the unprivileged, take charge of the situations and also to never undermine the power of your own mind which can be attained through prodigious willpower and the veracity of his strong determination is inarticulate , the reason for such bereft of speech that the normal devotees get such motivation from him.

Shiva , the sacred God, is known to have an attribute of third eye, with the utilization of which he burned desire (Kama) to ashes, called “Tryambakam” in Sanskrit which is imprinted in many scriptural sources. In classical Sanskrit, the word ambaka denotes “an eye”. The austere life of Shiva is a source of inspiration for monks and his devotees and his strength to dedicate his life completely to the spiritual universe .

Shiv whatsapp status video download

Shiv whatsapp status

Shiv Tandav whatsapp status video download

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Mahadev whatsapp status

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Mahadev whatsapp status video download

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