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Nagara panchami whatsapp status

Nagara Panchami is a traditional festival of serpents or snakes worshiped by Hindus all over India including Nepal and Central India. The worship is augmented on the fifth day of bright half of the lunar month of Shravana, which is July or August according to the Hindu calendar.

In the Mahabharata epic, Janamejeya, the inherent of King Parikshita of Kuru dynasty was performing a snake sacrifice called as Sarpa Satra to take the revenge for the demise of his father from a snake bite by the snake king called Takshaka. A grave crisis occurred and the dreadful mantras of the Brahmin sages threatened the life of Takshaka along with Indra. The Gods appealed to Manasadevi to tackle the horrid crisis.Manasadevi pledged her son Astika to request Janamejaya to stop the Sarpa Satra Yagna.

Astika ,who was the son of Manasadevi, was filled with wisdom and his knowledge of Sastras (scriptures) overwhelmed Janamejaya. He also granted Astika to seek a boon. Astika wished to stop the Sarpa Satra Yagna. Since he was a Brahmin, Janamejaya could not refuse his boon and hence, Sarpa Satra yagna was stopped saving the life of Indra and Takshaka both. This day happens to be the Nadivardhini Panchimi as per the Hindu Calendar. This day was an auspicious festival day for the nagas as their lives was spared and their race was protected. Indra also went to Manasadevi to offer his prayers and gratitude and worshiped her.

Mythological Importance of this day

In mythological folklore, snakes or serpents refer to the monsoon season- the varsha ritu (Sanskrit).

They are also presumed as deities of rivers and ponds and are known to be the sacred embodiment of water as they spring out of their burrows like a spring of water.

Snakes are believed to have more powers if not omnipotent as compared to humans , as a symbol of its association with Shiva, Devi , Vishnu and Subramanya.

Astrological Relevance of Nag Panchami

Snakes or serpents have insinuation with the nodes of the moon in Hindu Astrology. The head of the snake is represented by Rahu (“dragon’s tale” ) and Ketu ( dragon’s tail). If the zodiac charts represents all the seven major planets hemmed between Rahu and Ketu in an anti-clockwise direction, it is an insinuation of Kalasarpa dosha or (the defect due to black snake). It only brings ill luck and hardships which can only be immaculate by offering worships to the snakes on Nagara Panchami day.


Happy Nagara Panchami whatsapp status 2018


Nag Panchami whatsapp status, Date & Time 2018



Happy Nagara Panchami whatsapp status video download 2018


Nagara Panchami whatsapp status images with quotes


nagara panchami whatsapp status

Nag Panchami images 2018


Nag Panchami whatsapp status video

Naag Panchami images with Quotes 2018


Nagara Panchami

Nagara Panchami festival is celebrated in honour of the snake God Sesha Nag.Cobra has a special relevance in Hindu Mythology and it is celebrated by offering prayers and milk. They are  sacred since they protect agricultural lands from rats and rodents. Snakes are also sacred in Puranas , where they participated in ‘Sagar Manthan’ and they are worn by Lord Shiva ( Mahadev) around his neck. Shiva temples are also crowded during Nagar Panchami  ,because people visit temples specially dedicated to snakes and the myth also follows that their is presumption of larger number of snake bites in this season. On this occasion, we brings to you the best Nagara Panchami whatsapp status videos, Nagara Panchami images with quotes, Nagara Panchami videos free download. Share and enjoy this most religious day.

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