New Nokia 3310 Revamp: Phone features, details, launch

nokia 3310, new nokia 3310, nokia 3310 revamp

Nokia 3310 was a favourite of every GenX and GenY kid who saw one of these phones growing up. Virtually indestructible, loaded with SNAKE! and making it work for all those who wanted a simple phone, Nokia has revamped the phone and launched it in 2017, a time where phone manufacturers don’t look beyond 4G and 1080P Full HD screens.

3310, nokia 3310, nokia 3310 revamp,

Nokia aims the New Nokia 3310 to the people who are tired of the full-feature loaded phones available today and wants people to experience the simple mobile life before technology took over and made it too much for people to handle.

Features of the phone are as follows:

  1. Standby battery life for a MONTH! Yes, a month!
  2. Four colours to choose from
  3. 2.4″ display (duh!)
  4. Snake the game
  5. MicroSD Slot!
  6. 2MP camera with LED flash
  7. Single and Dual SIM Support

nokia 3310, new nokia 3310, nokia 3310 revamp

All said and done, obviously, the 3310 is not meant to compete with any of the smartphones in the market today. It’s old school, its a classic, and that is exactly what makes it so desirable to anyone who has had the luck (yes, luck) of using it in the past. With a similar design and layout as it’s predecessor, we can’t wait to get our hands on the new Nokia 3310 revamped. The pricing of the phone is expected to be around 50 Euros, which is around 3300 rupees in India. We’d like to see the new Nokia 3310 priced at 3310 though. 😉




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