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pokemon go meme trolls

Pokemon Go is the latest fever that caught the entire world. Gone are the days of normal smart phones games, now the latest buzz is augmented reality games. Pokemon Go shows that the future of gaming is augmented-reality and virtual reality. Although this game hasn’t been released in all countries, people from all across the world have started downloading and playing the game, thanks to the APK files available on internet. In this context, we bring you the following Pokemon Go memes and trolls which have become famous on internet because the addiction to the game has reached peaks very soon.

pokemon go trolls

This Pokemon Go makes fun of the fact that gamers have to go nooks and corners to find their Pokemon characters. This makes them to have free and unrestricted entrance and access to anywhere. By the name of catching Pokemon characters, they can enter any place. It is a funny satirical that people use the excuse of this game to go to any place where there is restricted entry. Of course it is just a satire as of now, because nowhere there are reports that people have got into restricted areas in order to catch these Pokemon characters.

pokemon go meme

Are you one among those who have installed Pokemon Go after coming to know that it is the trendiest game right now? Then, you might have higher expectations on the game based on the cartoon franchises. You might think that the Pokemon characters will be big and they will be more dynamic in nature. That is yet to come, because the game is just augmented reality and not virtual reality.

pokemon go trolls

Here is the direct benefit of playing Pokemon Go, we will actually move around in the physical world. When mom used to tell to play outside, we are not so comfortable because we got addicted to playing on smart phones and gaming consoles that we barely go outside to play. But now, we are going to streets and public places to find the Pokemon characters, thanks to the concept of the game. Our mom need not worry anymore that we are not going out. We will be often seen playing around outside with an intention to catch the Pokemon characters.

pokemon go funny meme

As the Pokemon Go fever is going on, we can now find more and more number of people coming outside to play this game. When we find any person playing this game, we connect to him or her immediately because of the common interests. This way, it has already been proved that people are now meeting new friends in their locality. The days where Pokemon Go marathons will be conducted, is not so far.

pokemon go trolls

This is another satire showing the Pokemon Go fever at its full peaks. A person goes to an interview, not to find a job, but to catch a Pokemon character. Further, the employer interestingly asks where that character is lying, so that he can catch it on his smart phone game.

There are lot of Pokemon Go memes and trolls going around on the internet. Watch out this space for more updates on this game.

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pokemon go meme trolls

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