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Weather! A state of the atmosphere. It can be different in particular places and at a different time, and it can be categories into heat or cold. There are different kinds of weather. And among them some of them are romantic. In which people can enjoy especially with their partner, friends or family. There are different kinds of romantic weather too, namely Halo, rain, double rainbow, sunsets etc which falls under the categories of romantic weather. Halo forms when cirrostratus clouds are present, and when light passes through ice crystals and are refracted. Unfortunately, the weather they signify is less than angelic; a halo usually means that rain is on the manner.😃

🌈And, double rainbows are comparatively rare and when the sunshine 🌞 that forms the first rainbow is refracted for a second time to cause a second fainter outer rainbow because the light-weight has been mirrored a second time, the colors within the secondary rainbow area unit reversed. And, sunsets are typically one in every of nature’s most stunning sights, forming once the sunshine from the setting sun is forced to travel through a lot of-of the atmosphere to reach in us. Once this happens a lot of-of the blue light-weight from the sun is scattered, therefore we have a tendency to see a lot of-of the red light-weight giving the sunsets their romantic colors.

In this awesome weather, we gonna share some rain whatsapp status video, Mumbai rain whatsapp status, Mumbai rain whatsapp status quotes, Rain Whatsapp status in Hindi, Emotional & Sad Rain whatsapp status video download, 30 Sec Rain whatsapp status video download etc.

 Mumbai Rain whatsapp Status quotes 

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Funny Mumbai Rain Whatsapp Status quotes

funny mumbai rain whatsapp status

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Rain Whatsapp status in Hindi


rain whatsapp status in hindi


Rain!☔️ The all-time favorite and most romantic weather. It makes a heart go romantic. Romantic, as in? Almost every couple in this world, love rain most. It gives them a special type of motivation, these days are lazy too. Makes people want to watch movies, yummy food and do nothing. It always seems to bring out all the best, fresh and natural smells. Rainy weather seems more gloomy to people.

In the rainy season, the best time to explore the surroundings, and as this is the time that makes every place more enchanting, in order to feel like this, Western Ghat is the best place to enjoy monsoon. Maharashtra is the best place of Western Ghats, is certainly a different world altogether. Malshej Ghat in Thane, Bhimashankar in Pune, Shrivardhan in Raigad and many more places that is awesome to visit on rainy days. And thus, when we talk about the people of Maharshtra on how they love the rain most, can be explained in many ways. According to them,  Mumbai and rain have a never-ending relationship.

The season comes as a serious reprieve after a very hot summer😌. There’s a nip within the air, swaying of the trees to the wind, a chance to take a seat beside their open balcony window and feel the drops against the skin. They feel its as a result of they have these haunt places like Marine Drive, Bandstand, Worli sea face created widespread by the general public.  Doubtedly, if actually have detected concerning any such ocean facing public properties anyplace nevertheless Bombay in India.

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They think generally, Mumbai likes to glorify its difficulties, to stay the romance of the quick-paced town alive. The Rains ☂️are just one of them. They sometimes tend to hate them most of the days, within the trains and buses, within the offices wherever everyone’s shoes are mud-filled and going away dirty trails, within the foul-smelling incommodious places, within the wet aura of an unclean, dying building. Surely, there are several people that prefer to “romanticize” regarding the monsoons and post snaps of marine drive or bandstand where the waves lash upon the rocks and find it sort of poetic. But some of them, well they dread to even get out of the house once,  It’s lovely after when they, within their house sipping hot tea☕️ and ingestion“bhajiyas or  pakode”. To them, Maharashtra is the best place in India to enjoy Monsoon specially for couples, as they consider the monsoon most romantic weather.

I hope you are enjoying this awesome weather in Maharashtra and other parts of India.

Stay tuned with us as we will update this section frequently!

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