Anti Radiation Sticker

Amid growing concern over the radiation and heat emitted by cellphones, some users are turning to anti-radiation chips. Doctors say they could help, but some might not be all they claim to be.These chips claim to harmonize or alter the nature of the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emitted by a device to make it more tolerable to the human body.

“Most wireless devices emit radiation that is constant,” says Pranav Poddar, director of Synergy Environics, producers of Envirochip. “Our body though is accustomed to random waves. This chip converts constant waves to random waves. It does not control emissions from the phone.”

Here we’re going to tell you about the Anti Radiation Sticker which you can easily use in back of cellphones & it’s easy to purchase. Anti Radiation Sticker is available online in very least amount.

Anti Radiation Sticker

How harmful is radiation?

In 2011, the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified EMF radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic’. The report said that there was evidence to suggest that exposure to radiation could cause glioma, a type of cancer in the brain or spine, and acoustic neuroma, a slow-growing tumour that develops on the main nerve from the inner ear to the brain.


• While talking on the phone, keep switching between the left and right ear.

• Try and limit conversations to a few minutes.

• When not using your cellphone, try and keep it at a distance from your body.

• Allow children to use cellphones only in cases of emergency.

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