Cicret Bracelet


As you know about revolution of gadgets & technology. Here we’re going to introduce about the unique gadget that you seen in movies like Iron Man, Avatar, Avengers and makes a touchscreen appear out of thin air. Now there’s a company that is bringing that touchscreen even skin close. This new gadget could have you saying good-bye to your smartphones for good.

Cicret-1 (1)

This bracelet transform skin into a working touchscreen. The revolutionary wearable projects a smartphone screen on the surface of your arm, along with eight long-range proximity sensors. Each tap on your skin alerts a sensor, which then sends information back to the bracelet and then to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Cicret only supports Android devices, with extra funding, they might get Apple users covered also.


For more information about Cicret Bracelet watch this video-

Other Images of Cicret Bracelet-

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