This happened when a man went for cup solution to his problem


Alternative medicine could be a issue that is pretty contentious, and individuals often have strong views about it. No matter your perspective, yet, I believe we can all concur that some of what passes for “medicine” in this class is somewhat strange. Take the practice of cupping treatment, for instance.

Fire cupping is an early type of treatment which is considered to promote healing and enhance blood circulation.

Fire cupping is an ancient form of therapy that is believed to promote healing and improve blood flow.

The procedure entails a fuel-soaked cotton ball. In one smooth motion, the fire is put inside the glass cup and the cup is put on skin. It creates a tighter seal by removing the oxygen.

The process involves a fuel-soaked cotton ball being lit on fire. In one fluid motion, the flame is placed inside the glass cup and the cup is placed on the skin. By removing the oxygen, it creates a tighter seal.


After treatment, the cups can leave behind some ugly bruises for several weeks. For people who consider they gain from cupping, it is a little cost to pay.

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