Stunts that will make your jaw drop

Stunt that will make your stomach drop cool

Stunt or Madness decide yourself

These are the images of people doing stunt that is hard to believe and I am damn sure that you will never want to do these stunt. It needs lots of guts and skill to do this. The people who are doing this are professionally trained and crazy about their job. They want to do the thing which nobody did before and I am sure that nobody wants to do this again after watching these whatsapp images.

1. This is madness

amazing stunt

2. Amazing tree, the tree is doing stunt

amazing tree

3. OMG

hill climbing stunt

4. What she is trying to proof

heat fail stunt of girl

6. Picnic in death valley

picnic of death

7. How you will return


8. Amazing and daring

boy stunt

9. Amazing and daring

girl stunt

10. Don’t mess with Alligator

aligator stunt

11. How you hold your breath while doing this stunt

unbelievable images

12. He should have try to stop himself some time before

what happen

13. Is it the only place to swim

whatsapp images

14.Real friendship, or real madness

real friend ship

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