Trash Dove Meme – Dancing Trash Dove, Floppy Trash Dove

trash dove, trash dove meme

A new meme that has surfaced recently is called Trash Dove. This trash dove most prominently features an animated sprite of the bird vigorously thrashing its head up and down. For those looking for an image, there you go:

trash dove, trash dove meme


Funny enough to go viral? Well this is the trash dove meme internet so nobody knows and nobody decides, and stuff just happens online. So the origin of the Trash Dove meme comes from Florida artist and Adobe creative resident Syd Weller’s “Trash Doves” sticker set officially made its Facebook debut[1][2] on January 31st, 2017, which included an animated emoji of a headbanging pigeon.

On February 7th, the sticker suddenly went viral in Thailand, beginning with a music video posted on the Facebook page สัตว์โลกอมตีน[4] (Animals With Paws), where it garnered more than 3.7 million views within five days. By February 11th, the “purple dove” sensation had reached the English-speaking Facebook, prompting a flood of spam comments featuring the headbanging sticker on the social networking site, as well as a growing volume of image and photoshopped videos based on the same image on Facebook, YouTube, among others.

Now a simple Facebook search will show you multiple results ranging from standalone trash dove memes to actual pages, such as Trash Dove Conquer The World, Trash Dove Memes, etc. The scope of the meme is so wide, people are creating trash dove-inspired pins, makeup, cookies and whatnot.

The full sticker pack for Trash Dove by Syd Weiler is here!

trashy dove, trash dove sticker collection, trashy dove


Find below the choicest videos and images and trash dove memes. While some of them are simple and nice, there are some which go all the way to Hitler and Salt bae to make the meme hilarious. That’s what we think the internet makes the world – funny, connected, interesting and relevant. Enjoy some more trash doves!

trash dove, trash dove meme trash dove, trash dove meme trash dove, trash dove meme trash dove, trash dove meme trash dove, trash dove meme trash dove, trash dove meme


We think it’s very like the internet to keep getting almost all random things from any corner of the w0rld and then trend it as viral content, just like these trash doves. We are very sure that soon, we will something equally dumb or entertaining that will keep us hooked to social media. Do you remember the first time something went viral on mainstream online media. It was a little known song then called Gangnam Style. Soon, this video broke records and Youtube views counts as everyone started dancing to it’s tunes soon. Keep following our website for cool stuff and coverage of trends and memes and trolls online. Subscribe to our mailing list as well! Still need more? Read here.





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