Valentines Week Dates Schedule

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Valentines Week

Valentines Week is Here!

7th February – 14th February

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Valentines Week Schedule

We all know that Valentine’s Week 2017 – The week of love is starting today 7th February. Read about the history of this day here.
The entire schedule of the week will be as follows:

7th February, Tuesday – Rose Day

On this day, you give a Rose to your loved ones and show your liking for them.

8th February, Wednesday – Propose Day

Couples gift flowers and other gifts to each other on this day.

9th February, Thursday – Chocolate Day

Give a chocolate to the most special person in your life on the third day of Valentines Week.

10th February, Friday – Teddy Day

Who does not love Teddy Bears? Make this day special by giving a teddy bear or atleast the photo of the cute teddy on Whatsapp message.

11th February, Saturday – Promise Day

You must promise your valentine that you will always be with each other and stand by for the other on this day.

12th February, Sunday – Hug Day

Hug Day is the day to make the most and embrace your loved one with warmth and joy.

13th February, Monday – Kiss Day

People around the world kiss in so many different ways – rub their noses in Iceland, French kiss in France. What will you do on this day?

14th February, Tuesday –  Valentine’s Day

The last and final day of the week where you take your loved one out on a date and spend quality time with them, buy them a card and a gift and show your love to them. Isn’t love a wonderful feeling?

This is the schedule of Valentine’s Week, and on each day we will share with you lots of ideas for Whatsapp messages, Whatsapp status and Whatsapp DP to share with your loved ones. We want you to spread the love and warmth with the people in your life through Whatsapp and other Social Media.

See more ideas for Valentines Week Messages

Tell us what your plans are for this week in the comments. We will share the plans we find best. 🙂

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