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These day sending videos are very simple, you can share your video with various medium like youtube, facebook and whatsapp. Now most of the video is shared with whatsapp. People like to receive, watch and share comedy video on whatsapp. NOW spreading comedy videos is lot easier with the advent of WhatsApp messages. And with this funny and comedy people refresh their mood. Today I am sharing with you the best whatsapp funny videos and Funny Clips etc.There are Million of whatsapp User who like to send Comedy Videos to friends.So you can send top whatsapp funny clips to friends and enjoy these below given are the awesome popular whatsapp funny videos.You can download whatsapp videos in hd in short size and send to your friends.These all given videos are in short size which can upload on youtube very fast.The collection of whatsapp funny videos is given below.

whatsapp comedy video

Boy’s comedy proposal to a girl

A boy went to propose a girl

Boy : Hey baby, I love u..!! Will you marry me?
Girl : What’s ur status??
Boy : I m the owner of my own big village and I have 1 security,own army,gold mine and wine
Girl : Love you 2 honey. yes Yes

After marriage…
Girl asked the boy where is your village…

And the Boy opens Clash of Clans




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