Spin The Lucky Wheel!

Only this Monday we give our members 1 free spin for a chance to win exclusive prizes!


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Santosh SuryavanshiWah Kamal hai! Is partiyogita me mai iPhone jit gaya

54 minutes ago Like

Jibin Abraham I got the iPad Air!! WOhoO!!!! This is the best day ever!

13 minutes ago Like

Jacob Alvin Amazing game. Just found it. Hope I will win. EDIT: I got nothing :(

29 minutes ago Like

Ranjith K Nair Aaarggh!! I was so close! It stopped right after the macbook...

35 minutes ago Like

Olivia Henry Has anyone actually won yet? I spun 2 times from both of my accounts but nothing...

41 minutes ago Like

Zachary Lassen This thing is all over facebook! I won the free spin, but after that I landed on the red spot anyway.

46 minutes ago Like

Yasmin Chandler I got nothing.. why am I always so unlucky :(

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Your Samsung S6 has been reserved. Follow the instructions below in order to continue.

Tell 10 friends on WHATSAPP about the "Lucky Wheel"!

1. Click 10x on the SHARE button (don't forget to press the 'back/home' button to continue!)!

2. Click "CONTINUE" and claim your prize.


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